Fertility Articles

  • How Many Embryos to Replace / Risks of Multiple Pregnancy

    Replacing a single embryo, especially if it has been cultured to the blastocyst stage, is the best way of preventing multiple pregnancies, but the decision as to how many embryos to replace is a complex one and needs to be discussed with your Fertility Specialist, after taking into account your individualcircumstances, both medical and social.

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  • Coping with unsuccessful fertility cycle outcomes

    When you embark on your first IVF or IUI cycle, it is not uncommon to be full of expectation that this cycle will be successful. While a pregnancy is the case for some, it is not always the case for many. Sometimes people will have to go through many cycles until they achieve a pregnancy and for others, pregnancy will always remain elusive. For those who are faced with unsuccessful cycles, they can often experience a range of emotions that can be both confusing and sometimes frightening.

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