• The Initial consultation with the Donor Eggs co-ordination team is free
  • The first treatment cycle and fully included service will incur an administration fee of AUD $3000.00 +GST.
  • Repeat treatment cycles or frozen transfers will incur an administration fee of AUD $2000 + GST.

The administration fees include the following:

  • Coordination and communication on your behalf with the overseas clinic of choice.
  • Provision of blood request forms, tracking of ultrasound requests forms, mammogram requests and prescriptions
  • Where possible, bulk bill testing will be requested

Out of pocket costs in Australia

  • Counselling visit with ANZICA registered counsellor
  • Additional visits to Medical Specialists
  • Specific ultrasound examinations e.g. hycosy or fluid sonohysterogram (Medicare rebate will apply)
  • Gynaecological Surgery e.g. hysteroscopy, laparoscopy if needed.

The out of pocket cost for a full overseas treatment cycle through Donor Eggs Australia will usually be less than an identifiable donor cycle in Australia.