How do we do it?

In view of the tremendous shortage of donor eggs locally, we set up Donor Eggs Australia and have been successfully assisting patients for over 18 years. Embryos created from the donor’s eggs and embryo transfer occurs overseas.

The services we provide include:

  1. An initial consultation that includes an in-depth discussion with you about every aspect of our service. We do not charge for the initial consultation.
  2. Clinic Options.
    • Our clinic options and the differences between them
    • How our donors are chosen and tested
    • The process of selection of donors by patients
  3. Oversite of the program and your individualised treatment by Dr Bernstein
    • Dr Bernstein recently left Monash IVF as their medical director and is a senior Fertility Specialist with 30 years of highly successful IVF patient treatment.
    • Discussion of risks related to age and multiple pregnancy
  4. Fertility Evaluation
    • Review of your current fertility status. If required we will specify further testing.
    • This includes evaluating male partners who will provide their sperm
    • For single women and same sex couples donor sperm is available
  5. Provision of all documentation for each process and further assistance as required.
    • Necessary consent forms for Donor Eggs Australia and the treating clinic
    • Additional advice and recommendations about the city you will be visiting.
  6. All communication with the overseas treatment clinic, who are in charge of the treatment programme
    • Communication with overseas clinics can often be complicated by time differences and language difficulties. This enormous hurdle for patients trying to complete treatment will be handled entirely by Donor Eggs Australia and all you need to do is follow the Donor Eggs Australia’s instructions and daily treatment plan
  7. Provision of a day to day customised treatment plan:
    • This plan simplifies your treatment schedule and enables you to plan
    • Prescriptions for medication will be provided, together with detailed instructions for use. We will ensure that you fully understand the treatment plan.
    • Blood tests and ultrasound monitoring request forms will be provided for you.
  8. Monitoring of the treatment cycle to prepare the lining of the uterus (endometrium) for embryo transfer is critical to ensure the best chance of success. A major factor in implantation is the correct preparation of the endometrial lining. This is achieved with different medications and development is monitored with blood tests and transvaginal ultrasounds.
    • You will be in direct contact with our staff at all times during this period.
    • Our drug treatment approach enables us to modify and optimise endometrial development for most patients
  9. Information about the overseas clinic will be provided, as well as assistance with travel if needed.

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