When To Consider Donor Eggs

This is one of the most common questions patients face when they consider the use of donor eggs to achieve a pregnancy.

Unfortunately for most patients there is no simple answer, so we hope that the information provided assists each patient to decide upon the best solution for their particular situation.

Points to be considered:

  1. What is the cause of your infertility and have you (and your male partner if applicable) been fully tested?
  2. What treatment options have you tried and why?
  3. What success rate for each treatment was achieved?
  4. For patients over 40 where no specific cause has been found, accurately timed intercourse is as successful as IVF!
  5. The cumulative live birth rate for women 44-45 is extremely low (4%) after 3 cycles and no more pregnancies were achieved after 3 attempts. (JARG 2018-35, 441-447)

    Donor Eggs Australia will provide you with an in depth, personalised No Charge discussion on these and any other points you may wish to discuss.