2018 Success Rate with Donor Eggs Exceeds 80%

Success rates

Since the inception of Donor Eggs Australia 17 years ago our pregnancy rate began at 65% and rose to 72%. From 2016 it has exceeded 80%. We now have more than 500 children born.

There are many reasons for achieving this success rate and we have highlighted these below.

  • Selection of young donors the majority under or around 30 years of age
  • Carefull preparation and stimulation of these donors by our 2 highly professional associate clinics. The aim is egg quality and NOT egg quantity!
  • The carefull and comprehensive preparation of our recipients in terms of their general health, with physician checkups, reproductive health and carefull evaluation of the uterine cavity, and monitoring of their endometrial preparation prior to embryo transfer.
  • We have dedicated team dealing specifically with egg donation only,and do not offer this service as part of a busy ivf clinic
  • Our team’s aim is to make this journey as seamless as possible being fully aware of what patients have had to go through to reach the point of using donor eggs