What we offer?

Overseas Donor Oocyte (Egg) Options

  • Readily available choice of overseas donor oocytes, with our sister clinics in Greece, South Africa, USA and Malaysia
  • Fully coordinated, support treatment programme with Donor Eggs Australia‚Äôs donor coordinators and our chosen overseas clinics

Treatment occurs overseas and is governed by the local laws of that country. Unlike Australia different countries have different legislation when it comes to gamete (egg) donors and in most of them Non-Identifiable donors are the only legal option. All treatment occurs outside Australia, in the respective countries and under the guidance and medical care of the associated clinic's doctors. We provide assistance in helping patients to co-ordinate their efforts overseas.

Despite the differences between Australia and Overseas we aim to follow the Australian guidelines for testing and counselling in addition to fulfilling their specific requirements.

What you need to do:

  • Select the oocyte donor with our co-ordinators assistance

What we do:

  • Check your fertility status
  • Order any outstanding tests and consultation if needed, to prepare you for your treatment cycle with your specific egg donor
  • Plan your treatment cycle in cooperation with the chosen overseas sister clinic
  • Handle all the communication with the overseas service provider, avoiding time changes and language difficulties
  • Provide you with a day by day action plan, and all your medication prescriptions
  • Our Co-ordinators are always available to assist you, even when you are overseas
  • Monitor your lead up preparatory cycle for embryo transfer, providing the requests for blood testing and ultrasound monitoring
  • Continue your post embryo transfer monitoring including pregnancy testing and early ultrasounds
  • If required we can provide you with a list of obstetricians and ante natal service providers
  • Assistance with use of additional frozen embryos and further treatment cycles