What we offer?

There are 2 separate options when it comes to donor oocytes

  • Australia
  • Overseas

Australian Donor Oocyte Option

Despite the current success with oocyte freezing the shortage of egg donors in Australia means that donor egg banks do not exist and we still are in the situation where someone seeking donor eggs has to find their own donor.

In Australia all forms of gamete donation are strictly controlled by both Federal and State legislation and any fertility unit undertaking treatment has to be accredited. The basis of any Australian gamete (egg or sperm) donation is that once a child conceived from donor gametes (eggs) reaches the age of 18 years he or she provided they have been told of their donor origin can get identifying details for the donor so that they can make contact with the donor if they so wish. This is referred to as an Identifiable Donor. Another essential fact of Australian gamete donation is that donors cannot sell their oocytes or recipients pay for them.

Once a donor has been found we have a specific protocol for testing as determined by Monash IVF Bondi Junction.

Occasionally I am contacted by a donor who wishes to altruistically donate oocytes and I will try to match them to a recipient couple.

Overseas Donor Oocyte Option

Like Australia different countries have different legislation when it comes to gamete donors and in some of them Non Identifiable donors are the only legal option. This means that the recipient will never find or identify the donor. In these circumstances all treatment occurs outside Australia, in the respective countries and under the guidance and medical care of the associated clinic's doctors and I only provide assistance in helping patients to co ordinate their efforts overseas.

Despite the differences between Australia and Overseas I aim to follow the Australian guidelines for testing and counselling in addition to fulfilling their specific requirements

Egg Donors

My donor oocyte service forms part of a comprehensive fertility unit and this occasionally brings me into contact with oocyte donors. In addition I am sometimes contacted by people who wish to become altruistic egg donors and so can put donor and recipients together as well as undertaking their complete treatment.

It is vital to remember that in Australia patients cannot pay donors for their eggs and also all donors are identifiable, even if they are anonymous.

Co-Ordination Services

Some patients occasionally source their egg donors overseas themselves and need help in co ordinating their local preparation for donor embryo transfer. I am prepared to assist these patients where possible and would be available to discuss this option with you.