Denyse Asher

Denyse Asher

Reproductive Biologist
Dip Chem. Path, BSc. (Chem.) BSc. (Reprod. Biol.)

Denyse is a scientist who has been involved with human reproduction and the treatment of infertile couples for over 35 years. Her initial training was in Chemical Pathology. She was inspired to enter the newly developing field of IVF after reading the book " A Matter of Life " by Steptoe and Edwards. This book described their pioneering work in IVF, which lead to the birth of the first IVF baby Louise Brown. The more she read the more she was drawn to this newly developing science and this emerging passion ultimately led to her coming to work for Dr Joel Bernstein where she was the Principal Scientist and assisted him in developing his IVF facilities in South Africa and subsequently Australia. She was one of the first scientists in South Africa to obtain a BSc degree in Reproductive Biology.

Currently as a Scientist and Donor Egg Coordinator

  • She brings her extensive experience and common sense approach to assisting patients in going for donor egg treatment
  • Her indepth knowledge of Andrology (sperm) and IVF assits in reviewing past treatment cycles which aids in future planning
  • In addition to her scientific skills, she provides valuable emotional support to help patients on their fertility journey

Professional Degrees, Appointment and Associations.

  • Dip. Chem. Path.
  • BSc. Reprod. Biol.
  • Member of the Fertility Society of Australia
  • Member of SIRT (Scientists in Reproductive Technology)
  • Member of AIMS (Australian Institute of Medical Scientists)