The journey that my wife and I began commenced some five and half years ago. During the first three years of this journey it involved nine scenarios of failed IVF attempts through two well known and respected clinics.

During the time of the nine failed attempts, various testing was conducted on both my wife and I. As a whole we felt like it was a case of being in a production line of patients as opposed to having individual attention to our position and situation. We were always getting the same type of feedback and response after each attempt.

We then came to the decision of exploring the donor egg program avenue and we were referred to Dr Joel Bernstein and Denyse Asher.

From this point on our journey began to take a more positive twist and from the very first introductory meeting with Denyse, we left with our spirits and hopes raised dramatically given what we had encountered over the previous three years.

After this initial introductory meeting we made the decision to proceed down the pathof the Donor Egg Program. From that moment on we began various tests, procedures and evaluations that both Dr Bernstein and Denyse conducted and requested. I can only say that they left no stone unturned and their thoroughness of exploring and evaluating our position can not be spoken in a high enough manner.

During this whole process the interaction with both and more so in particular with Denyse was simply phenomenal. We are always spoken to, advised and guided like we were their only clients. There are no concrete words to describe the gratitude and appreciation that we have for both Dr Bernstein and Denyse for all the time, effort and support they provide to us leading to our first attempt overseas.

I say first, because our journey has consisted of five attempts of going overseas to pursue our dream. This pursuit has lasted some two and half years and during this time it has been a very steep emotional rollercoaster. During each attempt and the preparation for each attempt their commitment and belief in us was extraordinary.

I cannot tell you how many times we have sat in Denyse's and DrBernstein's offices discussing our situation in great detail after each failed attempt. The evaluation, further testing and overall analysis of each particular attempt was simply incredible by them. They always provided us with hope, determination, belief and the general will to keep pursuing our dream.

On our fifth attempt and utilizing frozen embryos that we had left behind from our previous attempt, we came home and received a phone call that changed our lives forever. On the other side was Denyse telling us of a positive result and a high probability of a multiple pregnancy. Her joy in her words was as euphoric as our emotions. This is the kind of lady Denyse is, who rides your own rollercoaster with you the whole way. She has such a great understanding of your emotions. It takes a very special person to do this and I can only say there are so few of these special people around. Her human nature is simply phenomenal.

Denyse has such a passion for what she does and is so determined to help you succeed and turn you dream into reality that you feel like family.

On each occasion that we were at the clinic in Athens we found the staff very professional, helpful and courteous. The whole time we were there on each occasion we were always treated as individuals not numbers. I cannot speak highly enough of our experience with the Clinic, Staff and DrPantos who heads the Clinic.

As I write, my wife is currently 23 weeks pregnant with twins. I speak with Denyse constantly about the pregnancy and you can hear the joy in her voice as I provide her with positive news and feedback.

So after giving you a little insight into our journey, I hope you can sense that the smile I have on my face is because of two wonderful people and their staff being , Lisa and Jill who have made it all possible.

My wife and I will forever being grateful, thankful, appreciative and will never forget the commitment that Denyse and Dr Bernstein gave us, in turning our dream into a reality. Given my wife is still only 23 weeks, we feel like we have won just to be in this position after what we have encountered and gone through.

As mentioned above, we still speak with Denyse each week and I sincerely mean that we feel like family. This is the feeling that this special lady has given us.

Finally to Dr Bernstein, Denyse and Staff, thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for us. You will always have a special place in our hearts and lives and will never be forgotten.