Words cannot describe how grateful I am to your entire team, to Denyse Asher and Dr Joel Bernstein in Sydney and to the city of Cape Town. After a five year roller-coaster ride here in Australia trying IVF with my own eggs, I thought my dream to have a child was over. After a lot of research into donor eggs, one thing led to another and I ended up speaking with Denyse who turned out to be my angel and gave me hope that my dream could be fulfilled. After deciding on Cape Town as my ‘clinic destination’, I must admit that my visit to Cape Town was filled with some trepidation. When I arrived in Cape Town, however, I was so amazed at what an absolutely beautiful place it was and the people I met there were, in particular, the entire staff at the Cape Town Clinic.

I walked through the doors for my first appointment with my mother who came with me on the trip and from that point until the day I left, we were treated with such respect and kindness and I cannot describe how much that helped make us feel at home and deep down I knew that something positive was going to happen. Dr Matebese first said to my mum when we met with her – "are you looking forward to becoming a grandmother". I knew there were no guarantees with this process, but those words still echo in my mind today. Again, they just gave me hope. Hope that was lost here in Australia with my endless IVF cycles. Elaine was so incredibly patient with me and my mum when we dropped in a few times to get instructions to use those Gestone needles ! Cyndi and Gloria were incredibly helpful in preparation for my trip and answering all my questions, however small! Dr Wiswedel was so incredibly professional and so very kind during my transfer process and I still remember the conversation we had about the Rugby. There was another nurse (I can’t remember her name sorry) who was looking after me during the time just prior to my transfer (as I had to get a mild anaesthetic) who was so incredibly lovely. She went out a couple times during my transfer to see my mum who was waiting in the lounge to give her an update about my progress. And then there’s Kimenthra… who was simply amazing. She put up with all my questions prior to my visit and I can never repay her enough for her guidance in my donor selection process. I am so grateful for the assistance she provided. Last but not least, this could not have happened if it wasn’t for the kindness of my donors, particularly my egg donor. I will never forget what she has done for me. I will never know her, but I ask you to please pass on my deepest gratitude to her. Words cannot express my appreciation for the gift she has given me.

I have so much gratitude for your clinic – you have changed my life. Having a child is not easy. The sleepless nights especially are relentless ! Still, I feel so blessed and appreciate I have a huge responsibility to raise Leila and I am so honoured to be able to do so. I am going to try every day, even the tough days, to be the best mum I can be. There were so many people who were involved in bringing her into this world and I want to ensure that I do not let anyone down. I hope to visit Cape Town with Leila. I would love for her to meet the people that helped bring her into this world and I want her to know the beautiful country of her origins.

Before I sign off, I have some more good news to share. My sister, Sandy, who visited your clinic for an embryo transfer in May this year is now 14 weeks pregnant (with twins!). It was also her first try ! Our family, who have had some bad luck over the last few years, has been transformed. Our parents, after waiting so long to have grandchildren, are now doting grandparents to little Leila and hoping to be grandparents again to Sandy’s bubs. Her 18 week scan is coming up soon, so we are all hoping that it goes ok.