Nichola's Story

Sometimes it isn't easy to put into words feelings and emotions. Our son, Nicholas, is a perfect example of this.

For us, the chance to have another child ( our eldest son is our biological child ) seemed an impossibility - then we met Joel , Denyse and their team. The decision for us to join the programme was one of the easiest we have made as a couple. It just felt right.

Our embryo transfer took place on Australia Day - what an omen! Then two weeks later our pregnancy was confirmed!

For me, Nicholas's mum, I always knew I would love this baby - I just didn't realise how much. I loved him before he was born and I fell in love again the moment of his birth.

For me , Nicholas's dad, to be able to have a second little baby, and for our eldest son to have a little brother, it is hard to put into words the feelings you have. For the joy he has given us, and love we have for him, we will be forever grateful to Joel, Denyse and their team for giving us this wonderful opportunity - Nicholas.

Both our sons are so incredibly precious in very different ways, as I guess all siblings are.

So often I wonder if this amazing woman who gave us her eggs can truly understand what a wonderful gift she has given us and at least once every day, I look at our young man in awe and amazement that we could be just so lucky.

Would we make the journey again? - absolutely - we will be returning to Athens this year!