M & L

My husband and I have been so priviledged to be able to become parents using donor eggs. The thought of joining a donor egg programme was so daunting, but once we had been in touch with Denyse at Dr Joel Bernstein, they quickly put our mind at ease and went about professionally getting all our testing done to enable us to join one of the programmes that they co-ordinated.

Our daughter was born as a result of our first attempt on the programme. During the pregnancy and birth and even more so afterwards, we have always felt that this is "our" child , even though we were lucky enough to receive an egg from a very kind lady. To have been able to have our daughter in our lives has enriched our relationship with each other and we can now really call ourselves a family.

We appreciated being treated with such caring and compassion and the extent to which Denyse and Dr Bernstein went out of their way to help us. I would encourage anyone thinking of trying this way to conceive, to be tenacious until you have achieved your dreams.

M & L.