Differences In Live Birth Rates From Frozen Oocytes (Eggs)

A study1 published compares the Cumulative Live Birth Rates (CLBR) with oocytes from 3 different European clinics (not available in Australia).

CLBR is the live birth rate defined as at least one live birth resulting from one aspirated ART cycle in the fresh ET or in the subsequent FET in relation to the number of oocytes retrieved.

The CLBR results from each of the three different frozen egg providers  were:

Clinic 1 32.2%
Clinic 2 56%
Clinic 3 50.8%
Overall pregnancy rate 47%

This is one of the reasons for Donor Eggs Australia’ outstanding results, and why we prefer to use fresh embryos or frozen embryos, rather than frozen eggs.

1 RBMO (Reproductive Biomedicine Online ) Volume 44, Issue 2, P 271-279, Feb 01, 2022.