Patient Testimonials

In January 2006 I underwent a bone marrow transplant to cure acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. The worst side effect of this treatment for me was that at 22 it would leave me infertile. I married my wonderful husband in July 2008, and it was clear early on we both wanted children.

In early 2009 we began the search for an egg donor. After over a year of jumping through the hoops surrounding egg donation bought on by Australian laws and two donors falling through we ready to take a break. We were riding an emotional rollercoaster and we had to get off! After a couple of weeks of no baby talk I secretly started searching for information on overseas donation. It was through this that I found Denyse, my husband and I went to see her in April 2010 and in December 2010 we went to Greece. Denyse and Dr Bernstein were fantastic they made the process easy and relaxing.

All the details were coordinated with the clinic in Athens and although we were concerned about the language barrier a number of nurses spoke English and we were told exactly who to talk to. We were given information not just about the process of donation but about where to stay, transport to the clinic and even what places to eat at! Denyse’s service took away the stress of advertising, meeting and getting to know potential donors. As well as limiting the cost both emotional and financial involved in screening donors that can potential fall through. In August 2011 our beautiful baby girl was born and our dream of having a baby was for fulfilled. We are now in the planning process for returning to Greece to try for a sibling for our little girl.