Patient Stories

In March 2002, at 28 years old, I was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of acute myeloid leukaemia. I underwent chemotherapy, but was told my only chance of long term survival was to have a stem cell transplant. The transplant was a success but unfortunately at the age of 29 I was told that I had gone through menopause due to all the chemotherapy.

My now husband and I had been together for 4 years when I got diagnosed. After such a life changing experience we decided to get married and start a family of our own. 3 1/2 years after my treatment, we started to investigate the possibility of having a baby of our own. We spoke with my all specialists, who all gave us two thumbs up.

The journey of starting our family had began. We made an appointment with an IVF clinic to discuss our options. During our consult, with a well known IVF specialist, they advised us that I couldn't conceive without the aid of donated eggs. They advised us that we would need to find a donor, and that they would be unable to help us unless we knew someone who was willing to donate. They told us that finding prospective donors in Australia was near impossible. They had someone who had been waiting for 5 years for donating eggs and were still waiting. We left feeling devastated.

6 months later we read an article in The Daily Telegraph about a couple who, through the help of Denyse and her wonderful team, travelled to Greece for donor eggs and now had a beautiful little girl. After reading the article we decided that we would contact Denyse. We saw this as our last chance to have our much wanted baby. We said to each other that we would sign documents then and there if Denyse thought we would be acceptable for the programme.

We rang Denyse the very next and made an appointment. Our appointment with Denyse went very well and I remember feeling hope and happiness through our meeting. At the end of our appointment, Denyse advised is to go home and think about what we had discussed and to decided what we wanted to do. We left her office that day with all documents signed. The ball had started rolling and we were so excited.

Nine months after the process began, I received the phone call that was about to change our lives forever. We had 5 embryos waiting for us in Greece. We choose Greece because I'm of Greek decent. Dr Pantos and his team where wonderful. They were very professional, caring and kind.

In August 2002, I gave birth to our gorgeous son.

Our lives are now complete thanks to Denyse at Donor Egg Australia. Denyse was full of information, guidance, support and encouragement. Without Denyse and her team, our precious miracle Master 3 would only be a dream.

Thank you Denyse, you will always hold a very special place in not just our hearts but of our family too.